Double Nose Piercing

A Comprehensive Guide to Double Nose Piercings

Double nose piercing has become increasingly popular among people who want to add a little edge to their look. This type of piercing involves getting two holes on the same side of your nose, and it can create a unique and stylish appearance. However, before deciding to get a double nose piercing, it is important to understand the process, healing time, aftercare, and styling options.

Types of Double Nose Piercings

Double nose piercings are a popular variation of nose piercings that involve having two separate piercings on one side of the nostril or one piercing on each side

There are several types of double nose piercings that you can consider:

  • Double Nostril Piercing: If you’re interested in a symmetrical and balanced look, consider the double nostril piercing. This style involves piercing both nostrils on the same side of the nose, creating an even and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Stacked Double Nose Piercing: For a distinctive and eye-catching style, try the stacked double nose piercing. In this variation, two piercings are placed vertically, one above the other, on the same side of the nostril. This creates a stacked effect that adds a unique touch to your look.
  • Parallel Double Nose Piercing: Another option for those seeking symmetry is the parallel double nose piercing. In this style, two piercings are positioned parallel to each other on the same side of the nose, offering a harmonious and balanced appearance.
  • Curated Double Nose Piercing: If you want a personalized and artistic look, the curated double nose piercing is the way to go. This type of double nose piercing involves strategically placing two piercings in a specific arrangement, such as one higher up on the nostril and the other lower down. This allows you to create a customized look that showcases your individuality.
  • Diamond Double Nose Piercing: For a truly standout style, consider the diamond double nose piercing. In this design, the two piercings are placed in a diamond formation, with one piercing on the nostril and the other on the septum.
Aspect Placement Pricing Pain Level Healing Time
Double Nostril Both nostrils on the same side $40 to $100 4/10 3-6 months
Stacked Double One above the other on the same side of the nostril $40 to $100 4/10 3-6 months
Parallel Double Parallel to each other on the same side of the nose $40 to $100 4/10 3-6 months
Curated Double Two piercings in a specific arrangement $50 to $120 4/10 3-6 months
Diamond Double Diamond formation with one on the nostril and the other on the septum $60 to $120 6/10 3-6 months for nostril, 6 to 8 months for septum

Double Nose Piercing Process

Before getting a double nose piercing, it is important to find a reputable and experienced piercer. Here are the general steps involved in the double nose piercing process:

  1. Consultation: During the consultation, your piercer will discuss the available options for your double nose piercing. They will consider factors such as your personal style and anatomy to recommend the best placement and type of jewelry for you.
  2. Preparation: Before the piercing begins, the piercer will thoroughly clean the area around your nose to minimize the risk of infection. They will then carefully mark the spots where the piercings will be placed, ensuring accurate and precise positioning.
  3. Piercing: Once the preparation is complete, the piercer will use a sterilized, single-use needle to create two holes for your double nose piercing. They will then carefully insert the chosen jewelry into each hole, taking care to maintain a sterile environment throughout the process.
  4. Aftercare: After the piercing is complete, the piercer will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your new double nose piercing. Proper aftercare is essential for ensuring that your piercings heal well and avoid complications, such as infection or irritation.

Does double nose piercing hurt?

Compared to other types of nose piercings, a double nose piercing is generally considered to be less painful for a few reasons. Firstly, the piercer is only puncturing a small amount of tissue, making the process quicker and less uncomfortable. Secondly, the nostril is composed of thinner and softer tissue, which is less sensitive to pain than other areas of the nose, such as the septum.

How long does a double nose piercing take to heal?

A double nose piercing can take around 3 to 6 months to fully heal. However, the healing time can vary from person to person and may depend on factors such as aftercare, immune system, and overall health. It is important to follow proper aftercare instructions and avoid touching or changing the jewelry until the piercing is fully healed to prevent infection and promote healing.

How much does a double nose piercing cost?

The cost of a double nose piercing can vary depending on various factors such as the location, reputation, and experience of the piercer, as well as the type and quality of jewelry used. Generally, a double nose piercing can cost between $30 to $100, although this can be higher or lower depending on the piercer and location.

The cost of a double nose piercing typically includes the piercing procedure itself, as well as the initial jewelry. However, it is important to note that higher-quality jewelry, such as gold or titanium, can be more expensive, and may increase the overall cost of the piercing.

Aftercare for Double Nose Piercings

Proper aftercare is essential for the healing process of your double nose piercing. Here are some tips for aftercare:

  1. Clean the area twice a day with a saline solution or warm saltwater.
  2. Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands.
  3. Avoid swimming or submerging the piercing in water until it is fully healed.
  4. Avoid changing the jewelry until the piercing is fully healed.
  5. Be patient and allow the piercing to heal naturally.

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for a Double Nose Piercing?

A variety of jewelry options are available for double nose piercings, depending on personal preference and healing progress. Initially, a piercer may use a straight barbell or labret stud to allow for swelling and promote healing. After the healing process, studs, hoops, or rings can be used for everyday wear. It is important to choose jewelry made from high-quality materials such as gold, silver, or titanium to prevent irritation or infection. Always follow your piercer’s recommendations for the type of jewelry to use during and after the healing process.

The most common types of jewelry for this piercing are rings and studs, although there are other options available, such as chains. It is generally recommended to choose thinner studs or rings for a double nose piercing to make the placement process easier and less complicated.

Some popular styles of double nose piercing jewelry include double nose rings or hoops, double stud nose piercings, and double nose piercing chains. These options allow for customization and creativity in personalizing your double nose piercing. When choosing jewelry, it is important to consider the size and shape of the piercing, as well as any potential allergies or sensitivities to certain materials.

Ultimately, the type of jewelry you choose for your double nose piercing is a personal choice and should reflect your unique style and preferences. With a wide variety of options available, there is something for everyone when it comes to double nose piercing jewelry.

Materials for double nose piercings

When it comes to materials for double nose piercings, there are many options available. The most common materials used for nose piercing jewelry include:

  1. Surgical stainless steel: This is a popular choice for nose piercings because it is affordable and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  2. Titanium: Another hypoallergenic option, titanium is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making it a great choice for those with active lifestyles.
  3. Gold: Gold is a classic and elegant choice for nose piercings, but it can be more expensive than other materials. It is important to choose high-quality, solid gold jewelry to avoid irritation or allergic reactions.
  4. Platinum: While less common than other materials, platinum is a durable and hypoallergenic choice for nose piercing jewelry. It is also more expensive than other options.

Styling Your Double Nose Piercing

Double nose piercings offer a unique opportunity to express your personal style. Here are some styling tips to help you rock your double nose piercing:

  1. Experiment with different types of jewelry, such as studs, hoops, or rings.
  2. Try pairing your double nose piercing with other piercings for a unique look.
  3. Play with different jewelry materials, such as gold, silver, or titanium.
  4. Match your jewelry to your outfit or accessories for a cohesive look.
  5. Have fun and be creative!
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