Shen Men Piercing: Todo lo que necesita saber

Shen Men is a unique piercing that has gained popularity in recent years. This piercing is located on the upper cartilage of the ear, specifically in the spot where the helix and anti-helix meet.

If you’re considering a Shen Men piercing, it’s important to understand what it is and what to expect. This piercing has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is believed to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and promote overall wellness.

But Shen Men piercing is not just about its potential health benefits. It’s also a stylish and fashionable accessory that can add some edge to your look.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the world of Shen Men piercing. We’ll explore its history, benefits, and potential risks. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to care for your new piercing, so you can enjoy it for years to come. So, whether you’re a piercing enthusiast or simply curious, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Shen Men piercing.

What is a shen men piercing?

Shen men piercing is a type of ear acupuncture point located at the apex of the triangular fossa of the ear. It is believed to have a wide range of health benefits, particularly in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain. Shen men piercing is often used as a complementary therapy alongside traditional medical treatments for various conditions.

Nombre del piercing Colocación Precios Nivel de dolor Tiempo de cicatrización
Shen Men Piercing In the nook of the cartilage of the anti-helix, close to the upper ear rim $40-$70 5/10 3-6 meses

Placement is crucial for the shen men piercing. Although some individuals place it in various locations and still refer to it as the Shen Men, the ideal spot is right in the crevice of the cartilage of the anti-helix. This piercing requires sufficient space for swelling, so it’s recommended to downsize once the swelling subsides. Sleeping on it might be difficult, but it’s essential to avoid irritating the piercing. Once healed, using a shorter bar will make sleeping more comfortable.


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History of Shen Men Piercing

The practice of Shen Men piercing originates from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been used for thousands of years. In TCM, the ear is viewed as a microsystem of the entire body, with various acupuncture points corresponding to different organs and systems. Shen Men, which translates to “Heaven’s Gate,” is considered one of the most powerful points in this system.

Shen men piercing benefits

The Shen Men piercing is said to have several medical benefits, including reducing migraines and anxiety. While acupuncture has proven medical benefits, piercing is not the same. Piercing goes all the way through, while acupuncture stimulates the area briefly. Once healed, a tube of scar tissue will prevent the pressure from happening.

However, it’s essential to consider the positive experiences reported by many individuals who have undergone Shen Men piercing, keeping in mind that there is not enough research to support these claims.

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief

Shen Men piercing has gained popularity for its potential to alleviate anxiety. By targeting the Shen Men point, an acupuncture point located in the ear, the piercing is thought to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. This, in turn, can help reduce anxiety levels and promote a more peaceful state of mind.

  • Pain Relief

Shen Men piercing has also been found to be effective in providing pain relief for various conditions, such as headaches, migraines, and even chronic pain. This is due to its ability to release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Many individuals suffering from migraines have reported significant relief after getting a Shen Men piercing. This relief is believed to be a result of the piercing’s ability to stimulate the Shen Men point, which helps regulate blood flow and reduce inflammation, both of which can contribute to migraine symptoms.

  • Sleep Improvement

Many individuals who have undergone Shen Men piercing report improvements in their sleep quality. By reducing stress and anxiety, this piercing can promote better sleep and help combat insomnia.

Shen Men Piercing Procedure

The Shen Men piercing procedure is a unique and specialized process that requires the skills of an experienced professional piercer. It targets the Shen Men point, an acupuncture point in the ear, and is believed to offer potential health benefits. To help you understand what to expect when getting a Shen Men piercing, here’s a step-by-step guide of the procedure:

  1. Consulta: Discuss expectations, concerns, and suitability of your ear anatomy for the piercing with the piercer.
  2. Limpieza: The piercer sanitizes the area to minimize infection risk.
  3. Marking: The piercer marks the spot for the piercing and confirms the placement with you.
  4. Sujeción: A sterilized clamp or forceps is used to hold the ear area in place for precise placement.
  5. Piercing: The piercer uses a sterilized, hollow needle to create a hole in the cartilage.
  6. Inserting jewelry: The chosen jewelry, usually a small hoop or curved barbell, is inserted into the hole.
  7. Instrucciones de cuidado posterior: The piercer explains aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth healing process. Shen Men Piercing 😍 #piercing #shenmenpiercing #piercingstudio ♬ Say my name – David Guetta & Bebe Rhexa & J Balvin

Shen men piercing pain

The pain level of a Shen Men piercing can vary depending on individual pain tolerance, but it is generally considered to be moderate, with a pain level of around 5/10. Cartilage piercings, such as the Shen Men, are known to be more painful than piercings that go through soft tissue. However, the pain is typically brief and manageable, lasting only a few seconds during the actual piercing process. Some discomfort and soreness may persist for a few hours or days after the procedure, but this is normal and should subside over time.

Shen men piercing cost

The cost of a Shen Men piercing can range from $40 to $70, excluding the cost of jewelry. The price may vary depending on factors such as the piercer’s experience, the location of the piercing studio, and the type of jewelry you choose. It is essential to prioritize the piercer’s expertise and hygiene practices over the cost, as a well-done piercing by a professional can help minimize complications and ensure a better healing process.

Shen men piercing healing time

Healing time for cartilage piercings can vary depending on individual factors, such as personal healing abilities and how well the piercing is cared for during the healing process.

On average, the healing time for a Shen Men piercing is typically between 3 to 6 months. However, it may take longer if the individual experiences a more challenging healing process or encounters complications like infections or irritation.

Shen men piercing aftercare

Proper aftercare is crucial for the successful healing of your Shen Men piercing. Following these guidelines will help minimize the risk of complications and ensure a smooth healing process:

  1. Limpiar el piercing: Rinse the piercing with a sterile saline solution a couple of times a day. Choose a solution that contains only water and sodium chloride, without any additives like tea tree oil or lavender, as these may cause a reaction.
  2. Don’t pick at crusties: Crusties forming around the piercing are a normal part of the healing process. Avoid picking at them, as this can lead to infections or delayed healing.
  3. Prevent cross-contamination: Lávate siempre las manos antes de tocar el piercing y evita el contacto oral o el intercambio de fluidos corporales alrededor del piercing hasta que haya cicatrizado por completo. Mantén un entorno limpio para minimizar el riesgo de infección.
  4. Evitar la presión sobre el piercing: Mantén la ropa ajustada, los cascos y cualquier otra cosa que ejerza presión sobre la zona o doble la oreja lejos del piercing hasta que esté completamente curado.
  5. Dormir con cuidado: Evite dormir sobre el lado del piercing. En su lugar, duerme sobre el otro lado o sobre la espalda. Para elevar el piercing de la cama, puedes utilizar un calcetín tubular limpio sobre una almohada de viaje en forma de U.
  6. No juegues con las joyas: No hagas girar la joya ni juegues con ella, y mantén los dedos de otras personas alejados del piercing.
  7. Reducir el número de joyas: En un plazo de cuatro a seis semanas, considere la posibilidad de reducir el tamaño de la joya para evitar traumatismos y migraciones adicionales.

Shen hombres joyería piercing

En lo que respecta a las joyas para piercings Shen Men, los tipos más utilizados son las pequeñas barritas curvadas o los aros. Las joyas deben estar fabricadas con materiales hipoalergénicos de alta calidad, como titanio, niobio o acero quirúrgico, para minimizar el riesgo de reacciones alérgicas o infecciones. Es fundamental elegir el tamaño de joya adecuado, ya que así se garantiza una cicatrización correcta y se evita una presión innecesaria en la zona del piercing.

Shen Men Piercing vs. Rook Piercing

Los piercings Shen Men y Rook son dos piercings de cartílago situados en la zona superior de la oreja. Aunque puedan parecer similares, se dirigen a diferentes partes de la oreja y tienen características distintas. Aquí tienes una tabla comparativa que muestra sus diferencias:

Aspecto Shen Men Piercing Rook Piercing
Ubicación Anti-hélice, cerca del punto Shen Men Anti-hélice, cresta por encima del daith
Nivel de dolor Moderado Moderado a alto
Tiempo de cicatrización De 4 a 6 meses De 6 a 9 meses
Joyería Pequeñas pesas curvas o aros Barras curvas o circulares
Beneficios Alivio de la ansiedad y las migrañas, y mejora del sueño. Principalmente estético; puede ofrecer relajación y alivio del estrés a algunas personas.

En general, este piercing no tiene nada de peligroso. Es otro piercing chulo para la oreja que puede decorarse de varias formas divertidas, aunque los beneficios médicos no estén demostrados. Si decides hacerte el piercing Shen Men, la colocación es crucial, y un cuidado posterior adecuado es esencial para garantizar un proceso de curación satisfactorio.


¿Es lo mismo el shen men que el piercing plano?

No, el piercing Shen Men y el piercing plano no son lo mismo. Aunque ambos son piercings de cartílago, tienen diferentes ubicaciones. El piercing Shen Men se sitúa en el recoveco del cartílago del antihélix, cerca del borde superior de la oreja. En cambio, el piercing plano se sitúa en la zona plana del cartílago, por debajo del borde superior del hélix y por encima de la torre.

¿El piercing shen men realmente ayuda con la ansiedad?

ay pruebas anecdóticas que sugieren que el piercing Shen Men puede ayudar con la ansiedad al estimular el punto Shen Men, un punto de acupuntura situado en la oreja. Sin embargo, es importante señalar que la investigación científica sobre la eficacia del piercing Shen Men para aliviar la ansiedad es limitada, y los resultados pueden variar de una persona a otra. Mientras que algunos individuos informan de resultados positivos, otros pueden no experimentar los mismos beneficios.

¿Todo el mundo puede hacerse un piercing shen men?

El piercing Shen Men es adecuado para la mayoría de las personas, siempre que haya espacio suficiente para que la joya encaje en la parte posterior de la oreja. La colocación es crucial, sobre todo si tienes una oreja doblada hacia abajo, ya que de lo contrario el piercing podría no asentarse correctamente. Es esencial consultar a un perforador profesional para que evalúe si la anatomía de tu oreja es adecuada para un piercing Shen Men y garantice una colocación correcta.

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